Monday, April 26, 2010

Mutilated by Wild Animals.

This is another story that comes out of my “Tragedy in Death” File.

Mutilated by Wild Animals.
SPRINGFIED, Mo., Jan. 24.—A private letter from Ozark county says: On last Wednesday Abner Herndon started from J. N. Thompson's to go to John Davis' to help kill hogs. He took his rifle with him to hunt on the way. By some means he shot and killed hmself, the bullet going through his head. Davis thought he was still at Thompson's, and Thompson thought he was still at Davis', so be lay there in the woods from Wednesday until Sunday, when he was found. The sight was beyond description. His eyes and nose, and, in fact, nearly the whole face ,was eaten off by animals. Mr. Herndon was one of the most respected young men of Ozark county lie leaves a widowed mother and many friends to regret his loss.

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