Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arkansas Jayhawkers

I’m still searching for documentation for The War of Northern Aggression or The Civil War in the Ozarks. I have found this small tidbit.

 February 21, 1863
From Vicksburg - Arkansas Jayhawkers
New York, Feb. 16- Gen. Sherman arrived at Washington yesterday from Vicksburg.

An officer from Grant's army who has arrived here, reports our forces in full strength around Vicksburg, and work on the canal making satisfactory headway. The new channel has six feet of water and the rapid is increasing.

Refugees from Arkansas state that 300 Jayhawkers who defy the rebel conscription act were in the mountains of Ozark county, while a thousand more were in Montgomery county, openly defying the rebels. They are supplied with powder and lead by one of their number, formerly engaged in the rebel ordnance department.

Work Cited:
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