Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ozarks' History Introductory Course

Exploring our Ozarks' History is something I have enjoyed over the years. Beginning this June, I will teach a four-class Introduction Course called, Ozarks’ History: From the Louisiana Purchase to Pioneering the Plateau (1803-1859). 

The classes will be taught on the ASU-MH Campus and begin on Thursday, June 6th, from 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm. The classes will continue for the next three Thursdays.

Course Description:

Locked remotely in the heartland of America, the Ozark Plateau has been viewed with suspension & ignorance. Yet, the Ozarks is a vast tapestry that has woven diverse people groups into its history for over 200 years. From its Native American tribes to its European explorers & pioneers, we will study the Ozarks and discover the war, feuds, reunions & baptisms that give the region its distinctive character. In this course, we will explore the origins of its name, discover its topography, flora & fauna, and roam its rivers, prairies & villages. This course will give a foundation to understand the many catalysts that changed the Ozarks over the last two centuries. Additionally, we will uncover available sources that will deepen our understanding of the Ozarks’ History.

Please click the link below to registrar for this class.