Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bunkoed & Robbed

When’s the last time you’ve heard of somebody that had been Bunkoed?

Bunkoed is an old term used for swindling or cheating someone unsuspecting of their fatal out come. This is what can happen to those innocent & gullible folks who are ever trusting.

That would be probably me.

Personally, I have played the part of the one receiving the trick by palcing my confidence in those I thought I knew.  In the past I have been naive & green…ever looking for the good in everyone’s heart.
We can probably all relate in some way or another.
Below is an article about a gentleman who had a taste for prosperity that turned to bitter results.
By the way…This is not a gag story for April Fool’s Day.
His Winter's Supply of Green Goods.
A farmer named Springston, residing in Ozark county, Missouri, has just been bunkoed and robbed out of $500 by the old green goods swindle. Springston received a crisp new $1 bill as a sample a few days ago from a New York firm, who offered to express him $2,000 in like bills for $500 ordinary currency. The farmer mortgaged what property he possessed and left immediately for some point between here and New York. The exchange was accomplished and in order to be on the safe side Springston allowed his package to be forwarded by express. When the package was opened it contained brown paper.

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