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A Missouri Lover & an Arkansas “Dream” Girl…Part 3

Here are a few more articles of a Missouri boy & his bragging rights of an Arkansas "Dream' Girl. 
“Imitates Don Quixote.” Naugatuck Daily News
The modern Don Quixote is F. Allen McQuary, of Neosho, Mo.

To win the pretty 16 year-old daughter of an Arkansas cattle raiser he is making a tour of the world in a suit of armor. He is accompanied by two dogs and wears a silver sword, which must never leave his side except when he is asleep. This is the eccentric cattle raisers plan to prove of what sort of stuff his prospective son-in-law is made.

McQuary, says the Chicago Tribune, was editor of the Neosho (Mo.) Hustler in 1896. Last spring he sold out and went south. He arrived in Mountain Grove, Mo., and promptly fell in love with the daughter of the cattle man.

He proposed, was accepted, and proceeded to lay the matter before the old gentleman, when the latter called a halt. He had no objection to the young man, he said, but wished to try his fidelity, and in order to get his permission to the marriage McQuary must agree to certain conditions which he would lay down. Then a paper was drawn up, attested by the president, of the Little Rock national bank, and signed by the principals. In it McQuary agreed to make a tour of the world in 18 months dressed in a suit of armor and accompanied by two large dogs belonging to his romantic father-in-law. He was to start from Mountain Grove penniless, earn money for his medieval outfit, proceed to New York, thence to Cuba, and after that east or west around the world. He must get an impression from the postmaster's date stamp in all the towns he enters, procure the signatures of the governors of all the states through which he passes and those of the rulers of all the foreign countries whose border he crosses. From Cuba lie must bring the autographs of Weyler and Gomez.

If he returns within the time specified with both dogs he is to receive $5.000; with one dog, $4,000; with neither, $3,000. But he gets the daughter in any use. He will be met in New York by the father and daughter and again in San Francisco when he returns from his travels. A triumphal progress to Mountain Grove will then be made and the wedding celebrated with a week's festivities regardless of cost.

McQuary started to fulfill these strange conditions May 20, and so far has done well. He worked in a newspaper office for the money necessary to buy his outfit and then went starring through Missouri towns. He arrived in St. Louis the other day. In all towns passed through he is entertained by the leading merchants, who appreciate the crowds of sight seers he attracts.

McQuary is clad in full armor of uncertain date over a suit of purple plush. He wears a silver-sheathed sword and an ax swings from his saddle bow. The dogs follow him everywhere. His face is half veiled in knightly guise, and for 18 months at least he intends to display d him the essence of gentle chivalry and courtly courtesy. His suit of his fits him like “custom-made” plated as he has done growing. He does not anticipate any trouble. He’s considerably happy because there are no parts to fall off, though he has to keep an eye on the nuts and bolts by which it is kept together. Besides his other weapons he carries a monkey wrench and oil can in the pocket of his gabardine.
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Click on this link and read The Daily Argus News and read the story below, “All For A Girl” The Daily Argus News , from the Google Newspaper Collection.

“T. Allen McQuary.”Kansas City Journal

“Springfield Zoo Park Visit.” The Neosho Times

“Fairytales.” The Kansas City Journal

“Hard-hearted Globe-girdler.” The Kansas City Journal

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