Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cemetery Restoration Workshop Complete - Part 2

One of the Main projects of the Cemetery Restoration Workshop was restoring a unique gravesite belonging to Mollie Ophella Napier, daughter of William D. Napier & Annie M. "Haley" Napier.  Mollie died September 29, 1884, at 1 year, 10 months, and 2 Days.  What makes this "small project” unique is that it’s made of 5 pieces of marble. This one project turned out to be a rather a larger task than first thought, but this restoration has added decades to this unique gravesite. 

The following is a sequence of the restoration process. Click to enlarge pictures

Checking Depth of Tombstone
Removing the Foot-Stone
Removing the Sunken Headstone
Using a Block & Tack to Save Tired Backs
Foot-Stone Removed

Headstone & Side-Rail Made of White Marble
Digging & Leveling Trench
Adding Sand & Gravel to Foundation
Setting Side-Rail in Place

Leveling Side-Rail

Refitting Mortise & Tenon Joints In Place
Applying Compound To Hold Tombstone

Leveling Tombstone
Sand Added to Grave Top


Rest in Sweet Peace Mollie

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