Monday, April 22, 2013

Cemetery Restoration Workshop Complete - Part 1

Northern Arkansas has had its first Cemetery Restoration Workshop sponsored by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program (AHPP)  -  April 20th, 2013.   First, I would like to thank Holly Hope in taking the chance in believe in the necessity of a workshop to be held at Mountain Home, Arkansas, in the historic Mountain Home Cemetery.    
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 Secondly, a would like to extend a load of appreciation to James "Rusty" Brenner and his crew from Dallas, Texas, who were on hand to show the proper way in restoring & preserving many of our historic & cherished monuments for future generations.  These gentlemen were professional & knowable in every aspect.  Rusty’s company is called the Texas Cemetery Restoration and these men truly live by their motto, “Excellence in monument and gravestone conservation, preservation, and restoration.”

While there, they taught the basics of:

  • Cemetery Assessment
  • GPS & GIS Mapping
  • GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Leveling
  • Cleaning
  • Repair

If anyone would like more information in contacting Rusty to speak at a conference or would like to have him and his crew train or restore your monuments & Cemetery & monuments, here is his contact information.
Texas Cemetery Restoration LLC
10122 Cherry Tree Dr.
Dallas, Texas, 75243

Phone: (214) 686-0014

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Texas Cemetery Restoration does:
  • Free Consultation
  • Cemetery Assessments
  • Leveling
  • Cleaning
  • Repairs 
I know it has been a custom for many caring people to clean monuments with Bleach, Vinegar, Ajax, Comet, Muriatic Acid, Lime Away, Bon Ami or Bar Keeper's Friend.  But, these detergents have salts & chemicals that will breakdown and degenerate the stone prematurely.

For those interested in purchasing a cleaner for monuments that will not break down & destroy stone, please contact Rusty for the biological solution D/2.  I have posted a link here to see how well this solution works.  Rusty even has a small instructional video to give the basics on D/2.

Purchase D/2 at:


Now, I will be placing photos for Saturday’s workshop to show some of our workshop.  
Click to enlarge pictures.
Morning Arrival
Preparing for Workshop
Cemetery GPS Mapping Instruction

Cemetery GPS Mapping Instruction

Knocking Debris Off with Water

Applying D/2 and Killing The Biologicals That Are Growing In the Monument

Part 2 Coming Soon...Showing  a Major Restoration of a Gravesite in the Mountain Home Cemetery.

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