Monday, December 13, 2010

White River Development Association - Part 1

A Little Background
Looking at the present surroundings & advancements of the Ozarks, one can tend to forget those who have laid the foundation for progress & success. One such group was the White River Development Association established in the early 1900's.

Haven’t heard of the White River Development Association?
Haven’t heard of a W. R. D. A. Booster?
Neither had I until about two years ago; that’s when I saw articles and the art work of the association from 1915 in The Baxter Bulletin. This association had members who came from Ozark and Taney counties in Missouri and Baxter, Boone, Fulton, Izard, and Marion counties in Arkansas. These are some of the forgotten pioneers that have paved our way in business & progress.

The White River Development Association must be given credit for boosting the awareness, ability, and potential in trumpeting the natural resources of the Ozarks, such as:
  • The White River
  • Manganese
  • Mable
  • Limestone
  • Zinc
  • Cedar
  • Railroad Staves
  • Mussel Shells
  • Cotton
  • Cotton Seed

(As a side note...look at this picture.   
Read into the picture.   
12 White Progressives & 
1 Black Cook. 
Makes one think wonder. 
What progressive ideas were talked about at that table?    
I digress...) 
The desire of the association was for the Federal Government to install 7 locks and dams for transportation, electricity, and flood control. They were also looking to add more railroads, bridges, and improved access to ferry crossings and steamboat landings. 

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