Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jack Thrasher - Snake Killer

Here's a fun little story out of my "Ozark Animal Oddities" File.
Jack Thrasher, a well-known farmer who lives near Arkana, is claiming to be the champion snake killer of Baxter county. He killed 35 snakes with one stone on Big creek one day last week and only threw once. So fa no one has come forward to dispute his title. Coming up the creek he saw an old water moccasin lying in the sun on a rock. Mr. Thrasher picked up a good sized stone, and with the accuracy of Ty Cobb, let drive, striking the old snake midway between the tail and the head. After the smoke had cleared and the squirming stopped, he held a postmortem. He counted about 34 small snakes about 7 inches long and one large one which measured about three feet.

Work Cited:
“Jack Thrasher, Champion Snake Killer, 35 in One Throw.” The Baxter Bulletin 15.38 (Sept. 24, 1915) 1. Baxter County Microfilm Archive. Donald W. Reynolds Library, Mountain Home, AR. 15 Nov., 2010.

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