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Times have changed in respect of how we look at each other. This is an article that was published about 102 years ago in praise of the silent & virtuous ladies that have graced our area. I have let others read the following article. Hither unto, I have received the range of comments of scoff& chagrin to the silent & affirmative nod of approval. Like it or's all a part of our Ozarks' History.
Happy Mother's Day


April17, 1908
In the general run of newspapers you see very little there about women. Good farmers are lauded for the raising of big, fine crops, statesmen are praised for their acts in the welfare of the state and country, business men are praised and talked about for their large volumes of business and clean methods. But do you ever hear of a woman? Scarcely, and when you ever hear it is generally about some divorce suit of some of the 400 in the East or in a joke column. In the country papers very little is said in a news way about women, they are thrown to the background. This is largely due to the fact, that men are better known and come to town more often. Now we want to say something of the woman of Baxter County, bless them, and of their work that one seldom hears mentioned. She has several cows to milk, chickens to look after, meals to get, dishes to wash, beds to make, and all her household duties to attend to, and she has to keep things in good order or her husband will kick up a rumpus and some of the other women will talk about the dirty way she keeps a house. Look around and see the fine boys and girls growing up that are going to make our citizens when you and I will not be fit for anything but to piddle around in the garden and sit by the fire. She is the one who watches them grow up day by day and guides them along the right path, sympathizing with their hurts, burns, and heartaches. Do they get what is coming in words of encouragement and praise that they should? We do not think so.

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