Friday, May 21, 2010

Ozark Moonshine Chronicles - 2

Here’s another short article form my “Ozark Moonshine Chronicles” with Ozark County, Missouri, as its’ focus. It was a dangerous time for someone with a badge. The year…1876.


      St. Louis May. – Information has been received here to the effect that Deputy United States Marshal B. H. Langston, of Springfield, Mo., who went down into Ozark county a few days ago on a raid after crooked distillers, was ambushed while riding along the road and riddled with bullets. He was supposed to be mortally wounded.

Work Cited:
" Assissinated." Eau Claire Daily Free Press 4.114 (16 May, 1876) 1. Access Newspaper Archive. Baxter County Library, Mountain Home, AR. 4 May 2010

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