Sunday, February 14, 2010

Passing the Torch

From Generation to Generation

I had the chance to go to another funeral of a cousin, Palmer Holmes, in Ozark County this weekend. There, in Mammoth Cemetery, I was standing by my Uncle Frank Anderson’s grave and saw the marker that commemorates him also as a World War II Veteran; it was just last year we made this journey to this cemetery for him.

Standing in the shivering breeze, I was reminded of my heritage, call, and duty that have been passed on to me. It was there…standing near by the flag draped coffin with the pungent smell of gunpowder and the mournful farewell of taps, I was reminded of my love and fondness for my family, friends, and this area. Furthermore, gratitude for men going to far flung places and fighting for freedom. This Uncle Frank and Palmer’s deeds were not flaunted, bragged, or trumpeted by themselves. It was a matter of a fact for them and life went on.

It was done for Love and Duty.

It is called Humility.

No Place Like Home
As these events played out, I saw children…God’s children of all ages. In my mind, it was the perfect U. S. Army Honor Guard. Even though the Honor Guard was composed of black & white, I did not see age, race, money, or political parties separating us. I saw God’s children. Though some have strayed from Home, they too heard the call.

Home can seem so far away, but the heart can transport us in a fleeting moment by simple reminders. These may be tombstones, pictures, or old papers. Though the tombstones are reminders of a loved one’s memory, I believe events are reminders too. It’s these events of family and friend coming together that can be markers along our path. I believe the Father in Heaven places these reminders in our lives. Let us not carelessly avoid them.

Passing the Torch
A few weeks ago I was talking to a cousin, Jimmy, about our fear of where our country has going. On a personal perspective, I look at the United States and the Ozarks today in angst and trepidation. We have veered from absolutes and moral standards. We have been sold political allegiances blindly. I have seen people sell their loyalties of their country for global unity and peace that will never come till the Prince of Peace descends.

There have been great generations in this nation’s past, and I would hate to see blood soaked ground lost and my children live under the threat of tyranny.

Uncle Frank and Palmer’s Generation has been truly Great, and I cannot decry the fact because they answered the call. This Greatest Generation has left their light and legacy in our hearts.

Will we carry the torch no matter the cost?

Will our descendants chronicle our deeds and sacrifice 100 years from a part of our Ozarks’ History? 

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