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Amazon Women Spotted in Ozark County-Part 3

Wrapping Up Loose Ends
A friend, Mary Belle Green, sent me an email which gave an added boost in tracing down some of the particulars of this past story. She found the information in the Old Mill Run Oct., 1996, Vol. 11, Num. 3, page 4-6. The details are as follows:

The Crabtrees of Ozark County
James Buchanan Crabtree was born in1832. He died in 1904 and is buried at the town in Oil Trough, Independence County, Arkansas. Mariah Hulsey Crabtree was born in 1853. She died in 1931 and is buried Pontiac Cemetery, Ozark County, Missouri. According to the 1860 Census, Mariah was living in Christian Township in Independence County, Arkansas. Believe it or not…it’s next door to Oil Trough, Arkansas. They had one child, James P. Crabtree.

James P. Crabtree (Lottie Graham's brother) was born 18 March, 1886, and died March, 1967, at age 80 in Gainesville, Missouri, and buried at the Pontiac Cemetery. (Mary: "I also show Centerpointe Cemetery, so I’m unsure.")

James P. Crabtree’s parents were James B Crabtree and Mariah Hulsey.
James married Malinda Crabtree.
Their children were:
Pearlie Poe
Richard Crabtree
Jewell Shaw

Malinda Crabtree was born 18 May, 1886, in Marion County, Arkansas. She died at age 76, in Gainesville Missouri, and was buried at the Pontiac Cemetery.

Malinda Crabtree’s Brother: Jess Lance-
Malinda Crabtree’s Sisters: Mattie Porter--Mamie Queen and Delia Reynolds

The Grahams of Ozark County
Frank Micajah Graham was born in 1868, and he is the son of John Graham and Sarah A. Midyett.
[According to the 1880 Census, Frank Micajah Graham was the grandson of Migah & Susan Mydette. This is something that will need to be ironed out.]

Frank Micajah Graham (1868- died ?) is buried in the Sallee Cemetery, Ozark County, Missouri.
[According to the Sallee Cemetery Roster online, Frank Graham is not listed, but there is one grave that has a stone with no inscription, six are marked by fieldstones, and three of the stones are unmarked.]

Lottie Crabtree Graham 1882-1922 buried in the Sallee Cemetery in Ozark County, Missouri

Frank and Lottie were married in 1907.
Frank and Lottie Graham had 2 children:
Gladys Graham was born 1910 and married General Evans.
Linnie Graham was born 1914 and married Ruel Jacob Evans.

Chasing Sister-in-laws
Since Frank and Lottie Graham were married in 1907, they could not have a 10 year old child in 1908…UNLESS Frank had one from another wife.

Lottie had a brother James Crabtree who married unknown--this must be the sister-in law.

I would like to say, “Thank you” to Mary Belle Green and for all those who have emailed me with tidbits of information in piecing together this puzzle. Looks like there is more work from this view of the holler.

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Clayton said...

Do you happen to have any further details on Jas B. Crabtree? I'm not convinced his middle name is Buchanan, but this could be because I have nothing else to go by but the census record which only lists his initial.

-C. Crabtree