Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Footed Hog

While perusing through old newspaper across the country, I have come to collect a small stack of interesting & humorous stories about animals in the Ozarks.  I have thrown them into a file over time entitled, “Ozark Animal Adventures & Oddities.”  I will start to post these every so often.

I hope you enjoy.

Bennie Dearmore, son of Lee Dearmore, a farmer, who lives west of Mountain Home, Ark., says that he has hog which he has no trouble keeping track of.

It makes a track different from any hog in Baxter county.  It Is a five footed hog, and makes five tracks. The extra foot extends out just below the knee of its right foreleg, and touches the ground the same as the regular foot on that leg. In other ways the animal is normal and large enough to kill.  None of the other pigs in the litter in which was born was deformed.

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