Thursday, March 2, 2023

Talburt Cemetery: History Connections Across the Ozarks

 Explore the Talburt Cemetery in Indian Creek Subdivision in Mountain Home, Arkansas. We will discover the many threads detailed across the Ozarks. 


Silas Turnbo Story: ⏳ The Last in Hours of Mike Yocum ☠️ in Springfield, Missouri ⚰️    • ⏳ 006 The Last  H...   


We will discuss Religion & sing a song from 1929, "I'll Fly Away." Along the way, find the different elements that Families build a Community: 

👉General Store & Post Office 




Also, we will uncover the different ways to spell family names: 











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 We are now translating Ozarks’ History into 149 Languages. Check CC - Closed Captioning for your favorite language. If English is your 2nd language, let us know what language you need.đź—Ł️ We will see if we can put Ozarks' History in your language. Here are some of our Translated languages:

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