Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bean Cave Update

Over the past few years the topic of the Bean Cave & the Civil War has held my fascination. I recently had the opportunity to visit the secluded bluffs in where it is hidden. There are many small caves within the vicinity along these bluffs and crevasses of the upper White River. As our journey continued, we had the chance to drag and crawl our way to one cave that was highlighted on an 1888 map from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Making it to this hidden cavern was no small feat.

After taking our pictures & video, we decided not to return the way we came. It still took an hour to for us to ascend the bluffs. The quick collapsing soil & tumbling rocks on the face of the hill gave us many lessons in the art of thanksgiving to the good Lord in Heaven in making it to the top. There were times we were spread eagle and grabbing any sapling that looked rooted; unfortunately, many of these small trees the were only one to two inches deep. Next time...we're taking a set of good long ropes. I do not plan to be a part of an Ozark Avalanche.
The breathtaking view after the trip up the White River bluffs.

Below is a small video of this adventure. There's more to come as we discover this region and its caves.

Here's a few stories I've put together over the past few years concerning the Bean Cave.

The Bean Cave in Marion County, Arkansas

Enjoy your Ozarks History.

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