Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pioneer Descendants Gathering, 2014 - Douglas County, Missouri.

Since the Ozarks' History Blog started in 2008, there are a few articles that have been continually popular.

There is one that clearly stands out...

Pioneer Descendants Gathering - Douglas County, Missouri. 

   The “Pioneer Descendants Gathering,” that is hosted on an Ozark farm is owned by Dale & Betty Thomas.  Simply put, this is one of the best kept secrets of the Ozarks. This couple has provided this venue, free of charge, for the past thirteen years on their farm on Bryant Creek. That’s right; exhibitors and participants have been coming here the first weekend in October, at no charge, for the last 13 years because of Dale & Betty’s love of what they treasure from our Ozark’s past. If you happen to have the chance to make it there, they usually have a bucket for donations if you would like to show your appreciation for their work & efforts.

    These gatherings are not thrown together haphazardly. All exhibits, demonstrations, and animals must be approved by the Dale & Betty; everything has a purpose in teaching & retaining past Ozark customs & traditions. This event is also promoted by many of the descendants of Tom Brown and John Burden.

  I will be there at my Ozarks' History Booth. I have a new CD out with 100 Civil War tales from S. C. Turnbo. This CD contains over 7 hours of stories. All stories are on one CD in MP3 format; they are sold for $15. 

I will also be signing my book, Bald Knobbers: Chronicles of Vigilante Justice

     If you would like to get up close & personal with different Bald Knobber masks, I will also have a few on display. So, bring you camera and get a picture of some Ozark mischief.

If you would like to experience what true Ozark Gathering are like & the directions there, just click...

Pioneer Descendants Gathering - Douglas County, Missouri. 

I'll See You There.

Come and Enjoy...
Your Ozarks' History.

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Carolyn said...

We came to the Pioneer Descendants Gathering this afternoon and we had a GREAT time! Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for us to learn more about The Ozarks "way back". Our family can't wait to return next year!