Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Reflection of Thanks

Jacob Grisso - The Stones Cry Out.
I would like to take this moment to thank all those who have read Ozarks’ History this past year. I have enjoyed the many emails and the contacts from many. The blog that seemed to receive the most response this past year was the entitled, “The Stones Cry Out: The Grisso Cemetery.” This particular blog was a joy to write, and it also took a few trips to the archives in Little Rock to cull out its’ contents. Moreover, the reflection and introspection in that piece that I wrote about myself is still something I carry in my heart. It is amazing in how researching & writing are one of the tools the Lord uses to plant small kernels of truth in me, and then later, I begin to see His hand working in other avenues. Another blog that have topped the list of responses was Junior & Viola Peters. This one was truly from my heart and evoked past memories & emotions of my childhood. Even though I received a fair amount of responses from the Ozark County area from people who knew Junior & Viola, it was amazing to see the responses from those who do not live in the Ozarks, but they had the chance to briefly meet them in only a few paragraphs in this blog. Wow…go figure.