Monday, October 25, 2010

Blind Ambition in the Ozarks

If the odds are stacked against you, never say, “ Never.”

Long Horseback TRIPS
One Rides 36 Miles With Only, His Dog 
for Guide. - All Travel 
Marshall, Ark. -  Riding on horseback thirty-six miles from Boyle, Stone County, to Marshall, by way of Big Flat, James Albert Rorie, who has boon blind since five years old, arrived at Frank Rainbolt’s near Marshall, a few days ago.
He came all the way with no one to guide him except his faithful dog. He chained his dog to the bit of his horse’s bridle. The dog started out in the direction that Mr. Rorie pointed. When the dog came to the forks of a road he would trot back and forth until Mr. Rorie motioned either to the left or to the right, and then they would proceed on their journey.
There are three brothers in this family who are blind, the other two being Henry and John.  They go to any place they wish' with no person to accompany them. Last year James Albert traveled over, Boone, Marion and Searcy counties. For a number of years they have operated a broom factory near McPherson, Baxter county.

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