Friday, June 18, 2010

My Dad

This is a tribute to my dad, J. R. Anderson.
In every kid’s mind, they want to believe their dad is better than anyone else’s. I realize prejudice and love is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, many times I never realized the treasure I have had in my father. I am blessed because he is still with me today...a confidant & friend.

I remember the times as a little kid my Dad would come home from building houses in Ozark County. He would walk up the driveway and ask me to open his lunchbox. Among the used sandwich wraps & coffee thermos bottle would be a nickel size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. To me…it was a priceless treasure and reminder that my dad was always thinking of me and loved me.

I will always remember our walks in the Ozark County woods, Lick Creek, Possum Walk Creek, T Highway, and Mammoth Cemetery. Dad taught me how hunt, trap, and fish. I love reminiscing about our evenings at Mearl Anderson’s General Store and pouring peanuts in our RC Cola for a sweet & salty snack. (If you’ve never tried this…give it a whirl.) I still treasure his stories of his days growing up in Mammoth and taking me as a kid to all of my living great uncles & aunts to hear their stories. He inspired me with his experiences of boot camp & infantry training so much I joined the Air Force.

I have seen him take some hard punches of life’s circumstances and still remain faithful to God and Mom. He has seen me at my best and in some of the woefully worst predicaments. Nevertheless, his love has been unchanging. As a child he taught me how to trust, love live, and die. It was always faith in Jesus.

Dad mentioned to me yesterday that he would be turning 70 next February, and Eternity is inching closer every day. In that moment, I realized how precious time is. I am a 44 year old guy, and my heart broke in realizing he will not always be here. I had the chance to hug my Daddy’s neck once more and tell him how much I love him...which I will never be ashamed to do.

I’m Blessed.

I Love You Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.

My little brother Tim, Dad, and Me.

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Ben Stang said...

That is great Vince. You really are blessed with a great dad.