Monday, March 1, 2010

The War of Northern Aggression-Part 4

FEBRUARY 1620, 1865.Scout in Ozark County, Mo., and Marion County, Ark.
Report of Capt. James H. Sallee, Sixteenth Missouri Cavalry.


Lebanon, Mo., February 22, 1865.
   CAPTAIN: I beg leave to submit to you the following facts connected with a scout made by, me with a detachment of Company B, Sixteenth Missouri Cavalry Volunteers, in obedience to the order of Lient. Col. John F. MeMahan: I left this place on the morning of the 16th instant, with fifteen days rations, and proceeded to Little North Fork, in Ozark County, Mo. Here I met with four citizens of Douglas County, Mo., viz, Isham Lamar, Johnson Lamar, William Lamar, and George Lamar, who reported to me that they had been to White River, near the Widow Magness, and had found some rebels in a cave and wanted assistance to catch them. I immediately started in search of the cave, the Lamar’s accompanying me as guides. On arriving at the cave I found three bushwhackers, Williams and Riddle, one unknown, who on our approach started to run, but Williams was killed and the others wounded, who made their escape in the bluffs and brush. After this affair I prepared to move on down the river and did so, but the Lamars would not go any farther, and on the day following they were seen driving twelve head of cattle up the Little North Fork through a Union settlement. I mention this, as I am reliably informed that these men are in the habit of driving off stock from that county and converting it to their own use. After leaving the cave I went down the river crossed at the month of the Little North Fork at Mr. Yochans. I learned that there were four rebels up the river four miles, and also three miles down the river there were four others. On agreement with Captain Piland, Forty-sixth Missouri Infantry, I took a few men and went up the river, and he took some and went down the river. On arriving at the house where they were reported to be I found two rebels, whom we killed. Captain Piland found two and killed them. I then heard there were eight rebels on the head of Musicks Creek, in Marion County, Ark., near Pine Mountain. I proceeded to the place, but found no one there except women and children. I found six rifled guns. The rebels have lately built a grist-mill here and I think it is a good place to catch a bushwhacker almost any time. This was the 18th instant. I then started back, came to White River, at the mouth of Big Creek, but could not cross, and had to go down to the mouth of the Little North Fork, where I crossed, and proceeded to this place, arriving on the 20th instant.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant, JAMES II SALLEE,
Captain Company B, Sixteenth Missouri Cavalry Volunteers.

Assistant Adjutant- General, District of Southwest Missouri.

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