Friday, November 27, 2009

From Ashes & Memories: The Old Mammoth School House

As everything in life fades to a stalwart end and dims from memory, cherished photos can sometimes hold fast these apparitions of the past. In this small entry, I have posted a couple of pictures from the old Mammoth School House. This is the school house my father, J. R., and his siblings attended..

An old school photograph from 1947-48.

Though the school was closed long before I was born, it is also the place of my own childhood memories. Since I only lived a half mile from here, it is one of my old and treasured haunts.  At times, playing with cousins or friends, we would go inside and pretend to teach a lesson in math, history, or geography, in addition to pretending to have church or preach a fiery sermon.

The school house is gone today due to a fire.  I have a current picture of its' cinders and ashes, but I do not have the heart in posting it.  Instead, I have posted two pictures from January, 1984.  I took the photos before joining the Air Force.  Even at that time, it was more than a mere vacant structure; it was a haven and a passageway in time…of my Ozarks' History.

(Double click photos to enlarge pictures.)

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