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Silas C. Turnbo Stories

I am currently working on recording the stories of Silas C. Turnbo. There are 816 stories & 2 books concerning stories from Southern Missouri & Northern Arkansas 1820's - 1907. The topics covered are:
  • Pioneers & Indians in the Ozarks
  • Civil War in the Ozarks
  • Hunting Stories
These stores can be read at:  The Turnbo Manuscripts.

Below are some of the stories I recently recorded...with many more to come.
Civil War
Viewing the Steamboat Going up the Missouri River on Which Governor Jackson was Aboard in War Times 
A Little Scare in the Big War

Forsyth, Missouri, Stories
The Skirmish at Forsyth in War Times 
The Burning of Forsyth, Missouri
Ozark County, Missouri, Stories
A Stirring Scene of the Civil War One Morning in Ozark County, Missouri
White River Stories

The Alph Cook Cave
A Cold Swim Across White River 
Substituting Pieces of Plank and a Door Shutter for a Coffin

The Salt Peter Cave Bluff and the Capture of the Powder Works There 
Yellville, Arkansas, Stories
Stirring Scenes in the Early Days of Yellville, Arkansas

Shocking Scenes Enacted at Yellville

The Ballad of the Bald Knobbers
Read the history of the Ballad here.http://www.ozarkshistory.blogspot.com/2013/07/bald-knobbers-chronicles-of-vigilante.html
Though I may not agree with every word of the song, it is an important side of the Bald Knobber / Anti-Bald Knobber history. 

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